Do you have any regrets?

Lately I’ve been reading this book about evangelism, Will Our Generation Speak? by Grace Mally, because the Lord has really been stirring up in me a desire to witness. I ordered some tracts online from Living Waters (see link at bottom of page) and I stored them in my purse. I felt so prepared to be a missionary wherever I went! Now all I had to do was to keep my eyes peeled for the perfect witnessing opportunity, right? 

On Wednesday, when my mom and I went to a clothing store, I sat down by the perfect opportunity.

I’ve always known I was talkative, but I feel like this experience nearly graduated me to the next level. I started a nice conversation with a friendly girl sitting next to me, just getting to know her. I should share the Gospel with her. The thought kept nagging me and my tract pocket seemed to be trying to unzip itself.

But then, of course, I began making excuses. How would I start a conversation? Maybe it’s not the right time. What would my mom think of this? Maybe I should consult her first. (He he ;D) We talked for about ten minutes about random things like school, Spanish (we both speak it), and careers, and then her ride arrived and she left. She was gone! Guilt started catching up with me.


I’ve been praying for great witnessing opportunities, and here was the perfect situation! And now it’s too late! So that’s my regret of the week. But, we learn from our mistakes. We need to know how valuable our time and conversations are with people we meet, because we may never see them again. When we miss the opportunities that God sets before us, we should ask for forgiveness and pray for Him to open a new door for us and to bring more people in our path for us to share the Good News with. I hope to be more intentional next time.

Here’s a shout out to my sister: Happy birthday, Genevieve! =)

When you comment today, tell me: Have you ever missed the perfect opportunity? 

Your friend, Marjorie

He [Jesus] said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few…” {Matthew 9:37 NLT, brackets mine}

P.S. Here’s a random tip that may come in handy some day: If you ever start a devotional blog and decide to put some assorted doodles in the background of your blog, don’t ever create a math equation more complicated than your own math abilities, or else your math tutor will make you give the missing information, draw a model, and solve your own equation!!! (I speak from experience—thankfully, I was on the cosine lesson at the time I added this background! With the rest of the information I added, the answer was approximately 99º. Thanks, Dr. Dwyer) =)


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