Witnessing In Action

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Lord opens new opportunities for witnessing, even when we miss one, when we ask Him to. This past Saturday, my friend Sarah invited me to go witnessing at the Farmer’s Market! Imagine my excitement—I hardly knew what to expect.

Unfortunately, my first witnessing conversation wasn’t the ideal first witnessing conversation. Two other girls and I walked up to an older lady selling wooden decorations. We handed her a tract and explained what it was about. She told us that she was sure she would go to heaven. Sadly, she had an unbiblical, complicated worldview about God and Heaven. She happened to be very opinionated and blunt. She expressed her offense at being witnessed to (she considered it judgmental) and how concerned and sorry she felt that we had grown up being taught such “philosophies.” Her accusations caught me off guard; I struggled to hold back the tears. She continued on, telling us to study philosophy and sociology.

Our conversation was not getting anywhere, so we politely left her booth. I squinted hard, trying to hold back tears… but it was no use. My dad asked me what the matter was. He asked, “Is something wrong, or did you just have a really good conversation?” =) I gave a soft laugh and said, “No, I’m not crying of happiness.” As some of the other girls briefly explained to him about the conversation we had just had, the lady walked up behind us and asked my dad, “Excuse me, are you in charge over this group of young ladies?” He said he was. She went on to tell him a little about what she had said to us and her problems with our presentation. She said what we had to say was a lot of “dogma.” My dad responded, politely yet firmly, “Well you know, there is a lot of “dogma” out there and very few voices speaking clarity.” (Thank the Lord for great daddies! =)) “That’s exactly what I’m doing,” the lady responded indignantly. And with that, she walked away.

I quickly recovered after a water bottle and encouragement from Sarah. But, you know, that lady wasn’t really the enemy in this case. It was Satan, trying to discourage us by using this lady and her words as his tools to distract us from our mission. As my friend Erin said, she is blinded by her own philosophy. She needs the clarity of Jesus in her life, whether she realizes it or not. 1 Corinthians 1:18-29 really encouraged me after this encounter.

We passed out tracts for the most part—fun tracts from Living Waters, like the Million Dollar Bills, Good Person comics, Smart Cards, 101 of the World’s Funniest One Liners, IQ Tests, Optical Illusions, and Mind Games. Who knew evangelism could be so much fun? A few funny memories:

One lady who got a Million Dollar Bill: “Hey, why isn’t my picture on it?”

I walked up to a young adult group of two guys and one girl. Handing them Smart Cards (quick info on Smart Cards: on the front of the cardboard card, there is a foil square, and the instructions read: “Place your thumb firmly on the box for 15 seconds. If you are a “good” person, it will turn a bright green.” Incredibly enough, many people fall for it. The back has the gospel message.) After handing them Smart Cards and telling them to read the instructions, one of the guys asked, “What does it do?” I responded, “You press your thumb on it for 15 seconds and it turns bright green if you are a good person.” The guys exchanged laughter and looks of amusement as they eagerly pressed their thumbs on the cards for 15 seconds. Afterwards, one guy handed it back to me, saying, “It doesn’t work!” (HAHA!) I asked, “Did you read the back?” He said he hadn’t. “That’ll probably explain why it didn’t work.” I said with a smile.

“Hello, have you gotten a million dollars yet?” I cheerfully asked a lady who rejected it and walked right by. A man behind her asked me, “Can I have one?” with a sincere tone of interest in his voice. “Oh… oh, sure!” I said with surprise. Later, that same man came back to our group and asked for two more!


What a memorable, teaching, fun time we had! I got a taste of a broad range of drastically different responses. Witnessing is all about sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus as the Holy Spirit leads. I plan to do more witnessing in the near future. I encourage you, too, to get out and witness! If you’d like, send me a message in the Contact section asking for suggestions. I could point you to some good sources. Share your faith with others. Grab a couple Christian friends or family members and form your own little witnessing team. Hit the streets. Jesus is at work, y’all!

When you comment today, tell me: What are your thoughts on witnessing?

Have a blessed week, and don’t let the opportunities God places before you slip away!

Your friend, Marjorie

“So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” {Matthew 9:38 NLT}

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