Looking For His Perspective


About a week ago, we got some very unexpected news. A dear family friend of ours drowned at the lake, leaving behind his wife and four kids. Our hearts ache for them as they are going through this hard time of shock and mourning. We are lifting them up in our prayers, asking the Lord to comfort them in their grief. This is a time of “…weep[ing] with those who weep” (Romans 12:15 NLT).

At church the next day, the youth pastor said something that fits this situation perfectly: “Sometimes, we don’t need to know why, we just need to know who—who Christ is.” God allows bad things to happen sometimes, and we have to trust that He is still at work, because He is. If only we could see life from His view point. As I heard at a conference recently, “Our will: The exact same as God’s will—if we knew all the facts.”

We praise God for this friend’s life and his friendship. We are thankful and rejoicing that he has gone on to be with the Lord in a far better place.

Keep this sweet family in your prayers. Thank you.

Your friend, Marjorie


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