The Next Chapter

Hello, everyone! Regular biweekly posting is back again!

Today’s post is on change. Change is a funny thing. Sometimes we hope for it and other times we dread it. Truth is, we face change everyday. We change our clothes, change the dirty dishes on the table out for new ones, change the music on the radio, change the worn tires out on the car… but my cousins are about to face change at a more extreme level than just changing sofa cushion colors! They are about to leave the life they’ve known and move to a different country for my uncle’s job—the lovely paradise, Costa Rica!

It came as a shock to them all. Why, ever, would they want to just pick up and go away from the home, the friends, and the family they love (more specifically, a certain cousin whose name starts with an ‘M’!) for a foreign country where everything is new? Well, (a) who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical land of delicious food, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife… and (b) because God is calling them to a new adventure. At first reaction, some of them weren’t too thrilled to be leaving home… in fact, the very thought of leaving behind everything they knew and loved was the source of many tears and unpleasant feelings towards the move.

But, as time went on, they realized that the Lord has a new season of their life for these next few years prepared for them in this new country, and that, while He may be asking them to do something uncomfortable and different, He will provide with the strength to handle whatever new things lie ahead for them. Not only that, but I believe that, once they get to this dream destination, the Lord will bring them friends and provide for them in ways that they could never have imagined themselves. Now, though it is a mad dash to get everything done in time for the big move, they are eagerly awaiting the next chapter that the Lord has written in His plan for their lives. They are also looking forward to sponsoring a first-class flight for their favorite cousin, Marjorie E. Jackson, to come and visit them. (Please, please, please?) ;)

My family will definitely miss them as they leave us for a couple of years, but we look forward to their visits (and hopefully to ours) and to hearing about their new friends and adventures in Costa Rica. I mean, of all the places God could be sending them, He sure picked a nice spot! ;) We are excited to see what the Lord will do with their lives and influence there. We’re gonna miss y’all, cousins!

While we’re on the subject, my cousins are hoping that their copy of The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read will come before they leave… and they are also planning to tell their new Costa Rican friends about Everything Pretty Much! (Well, isn’t that nice of them…) And you can do the same! Order The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read on Amazon. It makes a great Christmas present! You can like it on Facebook, too, at Don’t forget to tell your friends to subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page!

Your friend, Marjorie

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. {Romans 8:28 NLT}


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