Love Is Calling

Here’s an excerpt from The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read about our calling to love:

God gives everyone purpose and callings. Have you ever wondered what He has called you to do or what purpose you’re here to fulfill? You may be thinking, Well, I’m too young to do mission work in the South American jungles or something like that. What kind of calling is there that a kid can do? Well, first, everyone’s calling is personal. God might call Kyle to be a pastor, while He calls Jane to be a teacher. Second, you’re never too young to be fulfilling your callings! Sure, you may need to wait until your adulthood before flying to the South American jungle to witness to natives there (if God calls you to), but you have plenty of other callings that beg for fulfilling now. What callings, you ask? The calling to love. God has called everyone to love.
It’s no surprise that love is our calling, because the word love pretty much wraps up everything we’re supposed to do. We’ll obey God’s commands if we love Him. We’ll go to South America (at the Lord’s command) if we love Him. And if we love Him, we’ll love others. The examples are endless! Now, God knows that we won’t always love Him like we’re supposed to. In fact, it’s bound to happen, because we’re humans, not God—He is the only one who can love perfectly. Just know that, when we fail to love Him as we should, God is always here to pick us up and give us another chance. His greatest commandment is to love Him with everything we’ve got, so we should strive to obey it (Matthew 22:36-37).

God called Ruth to take care of her hurting mother-in-law and to marry Boaz, which was part of His plan in creating Jesus’s genealogy. God’s will is perfect, so there’s no need to doubt that He knows what He’s doing. Even in difficult times, God is working together a perfect plan. He times everything perfectly, and He’s got everything in control. Our callings are all a part of God’s will.

God has also called us to obey our parents, do our schoolwork, invest in our family and friend relationships, and keep up with our responsibilities. The “little things” count in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus even said that when we faithfully complete the few little tasks that God entrusts us with, He will then open more doors and entrust us with more of His heavenly missions and duties (Matthew 25:21).

I remember the first day my mom let me put a plug in the electrical outlet by myself. I felt so grown up as I proudly plugged in my kid-sized sewing machine. Then, in a couple years, I could plug in outlets and answer the telephone all by myself. Then, give a few more years, my parents let me plug in outlets and answer the telephone and play in our neighborhood without an adult—and the responsibilities and privileges continue to stack up! I was faithful with not having any accidents with the outlet, so they added an extra privilege. I was faithful with answering the telephone politely and asking permission before calling people, so I got another privilege. I was faithful to abide by the rules and boundaries of our outdoor escapades, so my parents gave me more entrustments. See how it works? Just like my earthly parents, God is a good parent, and when He sees that we are faithful with one task, He will give us more, because He knows we are becoming even more responsible and trustworthy.

Yes, when we help out by scrubbing the dishes, giving our little sibling a hoist to reach the soap next to the sink, and collecting the portfolio full of papers Dad just spilled, we are pleasing God. Why would He care? Well, first of all, God is the Father of all people who’ve invited Jesus into their hearts; therefore, like any good father would, He cares about every aspect of our lives. Secondly, when we do the little things with a cheerful attitude and to the best of our ability, they aren’t so little anymore—they fall into the love category (I told you that love wasn’t all mushy). If we love God, we’ll obey His callings for us, no matter how big or little they are.

…Our loving progress doesn’t affect God’s love for us—His love for us will always be the same: perfect, unfailing, unfathomable, incomparable, huge… the list of adjectives goes on and on. But, just like any good parent, our Heavenly Father is overjoyed when we make accomplishments. He’s there, calling, “That’s my kid!” when we show love with a joyful attitude.

The Bible is all about Him who is Love. By reading the Bible, we get a better idea of what love really is. Love is sacrifice; love is forgiveness; love changes lives. Read 1 Corinthians 13 for a high-definition image of true love. It’s so much more than paper hearts with Pixy Stixs.


Happy Valentine’s Week! =)

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Your friend, Marjorie

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. {1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT}


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