#AThanksPrayerADay 1: God’s Love for Me

Happy almost Thanksgiving! ’Tis the season for saying thanks. Actually, everyday should be a day of thanks. After all, God Himself made every single day, and that’s something worth celebrating and giving thanks for (Psalm 118:24)!

We can’t over-thank God. In fact, I don’t think we thank Him enough! His blessings far outweigh our gratitude and spoken thanks to Him.

So I’m gonna post a little something each day til Thanksgiving (that’s six days)—not a giant chapter on “this is what I’m thankful for and why,” but rather a daily prayer of thanks to God.

Day 1: Today I thank God for His love for me. 

Dear Lord,

I’m so undeserving of Your love, yet You heap it upon me in torrents—I can’t even wrap my mind around Your love and Your greatness. You are so powerful that with a single word You created galaxies and planets, and yet You delight in me and desire my praise. You call me Your daughter (1 John 3:1) in spite of my imperfections. You love me as I am—as You made me—no strings attached. And nothing can separate me from Your love (Romans 8:39). Nothing.

I thank You that You are love (1 John 4:8). You love me perfectly, completely, and unconditionally, like no human is capable of doing. Your love fulfills me; it gives me purpose. Fill me with Your love, Lord, that my heart would just overflow with Your pure, deep love and that I may love others with the same measure You love me.

I can’t do Your love justice, but please open my heart and my eyes to know Your love at a greater capacity. Teach me more and more everyday about Your love. Let my love for You and for others reach beyond just words and manifest through my actions and in my heart.

I love you, Lord. Thank you for loving me first (1 John 4:19).

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Friends, I invite you to join me in giving thanks to the amazing God we serve in the next week. Let’s do #AThanksPrayerADay. Here are some ways you can join in on the thanking:

  • First off, give thanks! Every single one of us can and should do that! No matter where we are in life, we have so much we can thank the Lord for, even in the most barren seasons. If we look hard enough, we might find that we are blessed beyond measure.
  • Repost this post / sharable hand lettering on Facebook, Twitter, &/or Instagram and use the hashtags #AThanksPrayerADay & #MarjoriesBlog. On Twitter, tag @marjoriejacks. On Instagram, tag @marjorie.e.jackson.
  • Write your own prayer of thanks on the Thankfulness Prompt I post about (for example, the prompt today is “I thank God for His love for me.” If you post it, use the hashtags #AThanksPrayerADay & #MarjoriesBlog, or you can also email it to me through the Contact section of this blog. I might repost a couple snippets of your prayers on the following posts! ;)
  • Don’t forget to subscribe (& tell your friends to subscribe) to the blog!

Let’s give the Lord thanks together—sincerely, deeply, and from the bottom of our hearts. Let gratitude penetrate complaints, comparison, and deception. We are blessed.

Your friend, Marjorie

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. {Psalm 100:4 NASB}


One thought on “#AThanksPrayerADay 1: God’s Love for Me

  1. Maria E. Paz says:

    Marjorie. Que precioso mensaje el que nos enviaste y me imagino que los otros que faltan estos dias, van a ser igual de excelentes. Pues me imagino que todos estaran relacionados con la proxima Fiesta Preciosa —-DEL DIA DE GRACIAS—–.

    sI, definitivamente, tenemos que ser agradecidas con Dios en primer lugar, por todo lo que El ha hecho por nosotros, por habernos amado y salvado. Igualmente tenemos que ser agradecidas con todas las personas, que forman nuestra gran familia, desde nuestros Abuelitos, tios, tias, primos, primas, etc.

    Igualmente con todas las demas personas que sean nuestras amistades o aun que no las conozcamos. Agradecerles por cualquier cosa que hayan hecho por nosotras, auque sea una cosa chiquita, pues si no somos agradecidas con todas las personas a las que vemos con nuestros ojos, como vamos a ser agradecidas con Dios, si a El nunca lo hemos visto.



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