#AThanksPrayerADay 3: The Way God Made Me

Day 3: Today I thank God for the way He made me.

A NOTE FOR Y’ALL: Write your own prayer of thankfulness to God for the way He made you, & I might repost it along with tomorrow’s post! ;) Email it to me in the Contact section!


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the way You made me. You don’t make mistakes; instead, You look at Your creation, smile, and call it good. You are the potter and I am Your clay (Isaiah 64:8)—continue to shape me into the woman You created me to be, all for Your glory. I thank You that I am made in Your perfect image—give me eyes to see myself and others as You see us.

You see so much worth and potential in every one of us, Lord (2 Timothy 2:21). Let me hear Your voice alone and let Your words and Your truth alone define me—people will inevitably say things, but I want to cling to You alone. Keep me humble, joyful, growing, and grateful. Lord, thank you for the way you made me on the inside and on the outside. Continue to mold my heart to be more like Jesus. Let me live for an audience of You alone.

You made me for a purpose, You have a specific plan for my life, and You wired me a certain way so I can bring You glory. I praise You for that. I thank You that You have loved me enormously just the way You made me even as an unborn child—even before I was born, I was on Your heart and mind. Thank You for Your wonderful works. You are an excellent artist and Creator (Psalm 139:14)!

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Thanksgiving’s coming quick, friends—as is the end of this Thankfulness series! So don’t miss out on the thanking:

  • Give thanks! Every single one of us can and should do that! No matter where we are in life, we have so much we can thank the Lord for, even in the most barren seasons. If we look hard enough, we might find that we are blessed beyond measure.
  • Repost this post / sharable hand lettering on Facebook, Twitter, &/or Instagram and use the hashtags #AThanksPrayerADay & #MarjoriesBlog. On Twitter, tag @marjoriejacks. On Instagram, tag @marjorie.e.jackson.
  • Write your own prayer of thanks on the Thankfulness Prompt I post about (for example, the prompt today is “I thank God for His love for me.” If you post it, use the hashtags #AThanksPrayerADay & #MarjoriesBlog, or you can also email it to me through the Contact section of this blog. I might repost a couple snippets of your prayers on the following posts! ;) You can leave a comment on this post as well!
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Your friend, Marjorie

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. {Psalm 139:14 NASB}


5 thoughts on “#AThanksPrayerADay 3: The Way God Made Me

  1. Maria E. Paz says:

    La de hoy esta buenisima Marjorie Amada, como hubiera querido enviarte una oracion, dandole gracias a Dios por haberme formado en el vientre de mi madre y haberme hecho como me hizo, pues se que soy la creacion perfecta de El, aunque yo me mire cosas que no me gustan, pero El nunca se equivoca y siempre hay un proposito suyo en cada area de nuestro espiritu, alma y cuerpo, que nosotras mismas, tenemos que ir mejorandolas dia a dia, en nuestra vida diaria, alineandolas a su Palabra, hasta que lleguemos a la estatura del Varon Perfecto, que es Cristo Jesus. Esa es nuestra tarea, mientras El nos de vida.

    Pero por el impedimento que tengo del idioma ingles, no puedo enviarte mi oracion, asi que se quedara solo entre tu y yo.

    Bendiciones para ti, amadisima y preciosa nieta, Marjorie.


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