#AThanksPrayerADay 5: Jesus in Me

Day 5: Today I thank God for Jesus in my life.


Dear God,

I praise You for the most wonderful act of love that ever did happen. You sent Your only Son Jesus to live a perfect, sinless life here on earth and die a horrendous death that He didn’t deserve. Then He came back to life three days later, conquering death once, for all, and forever. You did it so I could have the opportunity to repent of my sins and receive your forgiveness, giving me the hope of an eternity with You and for Your sanctifying presence in my life. I was born with a sin nature, not deserving of Your love—yet even before I came to you, while I was still a sinner You loved me (Romans 5:8) and desired my heart and my devotion! Now, because I accepted Your free gift of salvation, I am adopted as Your daughter (Ephesians 1:5). Jesus is on the throne of my heart as Lord of my life. And for that, I thank You with my life, love, devotion, and obedience.

Because of Jesus in me, I am continually being sanctified every day. I am far from perfect, yet You forgive me by continually washing me clean. I thank You for Jesus’s changing work in my life. I can’t change myself, but Jesus in me sets my life straight if I stray. Jesus is the  way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)—His way is perfect and fulfilling, His truth sets me free (John 8:32), and His life is abundant (John 10:10) and invigorating.

I thank You, Lord, for the peace that Jesus gives. I don’t have to search the world for acceptance, love, fulfillment, meaning, completion, and joy—I can find it all in Christ (Colossians 2:10). Open my heart and my eyes to truly embrace Jesus as my All every single day. Let me not forget so easily whose I am. I thank You that You have redeemed me and declared me righteous. I know it’s not because of me—on my own strength, there is nothing good in me. But Jesus in me is what makes me righteous. Let me represent Him well. Enable me to live a life that is pleasing in Your sight, Lord.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Join in while the thanking’s still fresh:

  • Give thanks! Every single one of us can and should do that! No matter where we are in life, we have so much we can thank the Lord for, even in the most barren seasons. If we look hard enough, we might find that we are blessed beyond measure.
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Your friend, Marjorie

Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. {1 Corinthians 15:57 NASB}


One thought on “#AThanksPrayerADay 5: Jesus in Me

  1. Maria E. Paz says:

    Gracias Marjorie, por todo lo que escribes el dia de hoy.



    Con todo mi amor,



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