10 Great Gifts Under $20


I love Christmas time! It’s literally *the most* wonderful time of the year. Christmas parties, food, family, gifts! What better way to throw a huge party in honor of Jesus’s birth than to celebrate Christmas? Giving gifts is such a joy! I find the Christmas shopping experience exciting and fun, because I love picking out specific gifts for my family members with them in mind. But so far I’m four down, two to go—& I get how it can be hard and sometimes stressful to find the right gift. & maybe you have Christmas shopping procrastination tendencies like I do ;) so you’re scrambling to find presents that are nice and inexpensive! No use in breaking the bank before Christmas! ;)

While I do love giving (& getting ;) gift cards to coffee shops, clothing stores, and such, I’ve found that it’s much more personal to give a tangible (or even a homemade) gift (even if it’s in addition to a gift card). It just shows that I really thought about the receiver and what they like and want.

So I’ve put together a list of 10 great gifts ideas under $20. Some bigger, some smaller. Maybe this will help you check someone else off of your gift list!

  1. The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read


You knew it was coming. My book, The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read, is available on Amazon for about $18.50. Written to get young people excited about reading the Bible, this book makes a great gift for anyone from ten to seventeen… but not limited to! I’ve heard it’s a great book… but I guess I am a little biased. ;)

2. Hand lettering Pens

Looking for an inexpensive gift for the artist in your family? Check out these pens that I use for hand lettering:


Done with the dual tip Tombow pen

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker – $5.00

The dual brush pen is a hand lettering marker on one side and a paint brush marker on the other! It is an investment well worth the money.

Papermate Flair (pack of 12) – $12.00 (also available at Walmart)


Done with a black Papermate Flair pen

3. Mini Canvases


I just recently discovered these mini canvases from Hobby Lobby for only $4.99 (pack of six)! They’re so tiny and cute, & the possibilities are endless! ;D I like using the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker on them. Whether you gift some of your own artwork or simply gift an artist with these art supplies, these canvases are hard to pass up!

4. Journals


I am a fan of journals. They come in all shapes, colors, & sizes. They’re perfect for writing down what’s going on in your life, in your heart, & in your walk with God. Perfect for writing letters, prayers, poems, songs, and stories. Journals are their own sort of canvases! I have found some really cute ones at TJMaxx for even under $10. Also, check out DaySpring for other beautiful options under $20!

5. Accessories

Hobby Lobby has some pretty scarves, jewelry (& jewelry making supplies!), & headbands for under $10! Some of our favorite finds have been an arrow bracelet for $2.99 and a wide variety of infinity scarves for $6.99 each!


My sister Genevieve wearing one of her Hobby Lobby headband finds!

Also, there’s this really cute headband off of Amazon I got my sister for her birthday, but it takes a while to arrive, so it wouldn’t get to you in time for Christmas even if you ordered it now. But I thought I’d share just in case you need a cute gift sometime after Christmas that only costs $1.62!

Genevieve wearing the headband I gave her for her birthday!

Genevieve wearing the headband I gave her for her birthday!

6. Beauty Products (Lip Balm)

Winter is the season for chapped lips, which is why I never leave home without lip balm in my purse! I love…

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer – about $5 each – available at Walmart also. It soothes chappedness and has a nice tint in the color of your choice :)

EOS Lip Balm Sphere– from about $2.80-$6.00 – available at Walmart & Target also. I’m sure part of the reason I love my EOS lip balm so much is due to the neat spherical shape, but the chapstick brings immediate relief in many flavors.


7. 2016 Calendar

Calendars are like the history books of my life that I write as I go about my year. I love being able to write in events to look forward to on a wall calendar, and I also love looking back at old calendars and reminiscing the years gone by. Some of my favorites…

Dayspring – cute designs under $20.


•Chick-fil-A Cow Calendars! At my local CFA, they are $7+tax (available while supplies last). They come with a calendar card that you register and you get FREE special monthly offers! I call that a deal?! Check your local CFA for more details.

8. Ukulele


Ukuleles are much smaller than guitars, & they only have 4 strings! & they’re SUPER EASY to play!

Okay. So this one’s not exactly under twenty—the one I have is $39.99 on Amazon. But it’s a *great* deal! Allow me to attempt to talk you into one: first off, it’s an actual instrument! & it sounds great! It is literally one of the easiest instruments to pick up & self teach if you have a basic understanding of how music/chords work in general. Download a chord chart off the internet and become a pro in hours. Plus, it comes in many colors! Sorry to throw an above $20 in here. But it was too good to not include!! ;)

9. Compassion International

Screenshot 2015-12-14 18.21.12

Reach beyond the outskirts of your Christmas tree—impact the lives of impoverished children and their families overseas! Through Compassion International, $7-$20 can buy things like Bibles for children, food for a mother and her baby, & protection from parasites. Check out their catalog at compassion.com. And… for $38 a month, you can sponsor a child through Compassion. That’s less than a ukulele, and it has an eternal impact and would tremendously bless the life of a young boy or girl in need of your help!

10. Your Time, Treasure, & Talent


Nothing more fun than spending time with friends and family! This could be you, taking me out to coffee as my Christmas gift! ;)

& finally… if a gift card really does look like the *perfect gift* to give to the person on your list, then add a personal element and make it a date! For example, instead of just getting a coffee shop gift card for Dad, go out for coffee together & treat him! Treat your sister to ice cream, or take your mom to a movie.


utilize your skill sets & offer your services free as a gift! For instance, my friend Marley is an amazing photographer, & when she visits she gives my sister & I the gift of a free photoshoot! I love giving my hand lettered verses, quotes, and messages as gifts. Maybe you could bless someone with free piano lessons, babysitting, house cleaning, food! There’s no limit to the creativity you can take with homemade gifts!

Happy shopping, wrapping, unwrapping, and re-wrapping! ;)

Stay tuned for more blog posts & Christmas devotionals in the nearest of futures!

Your friend, Marjorie

Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return. {Luke 6:38 NASB}


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