My Cute Little Fun Shop

Friends, I’ve got great news!

I am pleased to announce to you that I have recently opened an online store where I am selling my hand lettering designs!


You can buy prints, t-shirts (for adults, kids, and infants!), stickers, cards, journals, tote bags, pillows, phone & laptop cases, you name it!

So far there are 6 Scripture designs + 4 Independence Day designs. So get shopping! :) They make great gifts & the perfect decorations for your room, home, or dorm! Order your 4th of July t-shirt NOW so you can wear it in time for the fireworks!! Sparks are flying over at Marjorie’s Cute Little Fun Shop! :)

One more thing… can I ask y’all a favor? I would really appreciate if you shared the great news with your friends! Would you mind? Thanks, you’re the absolute best!! :)

When you comment, tell me: Which ones are your favorite designs? Are there any Scriptures or themes you’d like to see soon in the shop?

As always, I love getting your letters—send me a hello note in the Contact section!! :)

Your friend, Marjorie
Psalm 115:1


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