Secrets of Royalty

Any gals out there searching for a captivating read?

I am so excited about teenage author Livy Jarmusch’s book, Secrets of Royalty(click on title to buy book)
This one’s for all of us—the cherished princesses, the daughters of the King—from the ones of us who’ve been wearing crowns proudly since the moment we were born to the ones of us who are still in denial over our royal identities. With fun, relatable, and charming style, Livy leads readers through a journey of discovering what it truly means to be royal. To have worth. To know who we are. To know true beauty. To remember how our Father, the King, sees us.
It’s so encouraging to hear the words of a fellow young woman so loudly proclaiming God’s truth to our generation. WAY TO GO, LIVY!!!

PS: Livy is also the editor of Crown of Beauty Magazine, a free online Christian magazine for girls! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out their Instagram at @crownofbeautymagazine and! :)

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