PRE-ORDER NOW & A Freemium for YOU!



CELEBRATE because Devoted is available for PRE-ORDER NOW!! Get yourself some twelve copies for you and your friends.

Because I like y’all lots… here’s a sneak peek, one-week sample freemium of Devoted!! (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) I can’t wait to hear what y’all think?!? PLEASE share with your friends, guys!

I praise the Lord for this opportunity to share with others some of the things the Lord has been teaching and encouraging me in. My hope is that those who read this may be ignited with a passion and an excitement to listen to the voice of the Lord and invite Him to be a part of every area of their lives. He will use us and speak to us if we’re willing to listen and say YES to the adventures of serving Him that He calls us to. What a HUMBLING, joyous honor!! Send me a message in the Contact section ~ I can’t wait to hear what God has been teaching you.

ENJOY THE FREEMIUM <3 (and please, spread the fun!!)


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